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Is Hampton Haunted?


The Maryland Historical Trust Inventory of Historic Properties records a document from 1967 which states,


"This house [Hampton] is haunted. There is a wailing voice in the orchard and it was once claimed that the post in the basement constantly had blood bubbling up around it."  


In 1850, Mr. John Cracklin, the Irish overseer who was Elizabeth Sunderland's second husband, was murdered on the farm.  


Stories of an  apparition of a lady in 1940s dress have been told.  It has been said that former owner, Dorothy Ward, still inhabits the home and occasionally appears as a black garden snake. 


Hampton has a graveyard located on top of the highest hill on the property. After a number of unexplained events, an exorcism was been performed on the manor and a large stone cross erected in the cemetery.  







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